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Mobilityland Corporation is aware of the importance of the personal information supplied to us and is committed to observing the laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information. We have set a privacy policy as our fundamental policy and we ensure that all directors and employees are aware of the contents of this policy for the protection of personal information.
We will continue to review and improve our privacy policy. Should the contents be revised, there will be a notice on this page.

1. We obtain personal information legally and fairly.
2. We specify as much as possible the purpose of use of personal information and notify the individual or make announcements to that effect.
3. We do not use personal information without the consent of the individual for purposes other than those specified.
4. We take appropriate measures to prevent personal information misplacement, loss, tampering, leakage, etc., and control it securely.
5. We respond sincerely to inquiries about personal information from the individual concerned, according to laws and regulations.

June 1, 2006
Mobilityland Corporation

Public announcement on the purpose of use of personal information
1) Purpose of using personal information
Personal information obtained is used within the scope noted below.
However, personal information that is otherwise specified at the time it is obtained will be used within the scope specified at that time.

(1) Provision of products, services, advice, information, etc., related to our business activities
1. Motorsports, Motopia, Traffic Education Center, Active Safety Training Park, Honda Collection Hall, Hello Woods, Fan Fun Lab, Putti Town, Petit Town, Kart Land, hotels, restaurants, bridal service, Kur Garden, merchandise handled for sales, services, events, and campaigns
2. After-sales service for merchandise, services related to the Internet, services related to credit card, information provision service, telecommunication service, and other services
3. Motorsports, safe driving promotion activities, philanthropy, and other activities offered
(2) Response to inquiries and requests for information
(3) Sending applications for merchandise/services, letters of purchase confirmation, estimates, invoices, and other documents
(4) Drawing lots for campaigns, and sending prizes and confirmation
(5) Studies on measures for improved quality, development, safety, customer satisfaction, and other necessary measures, and related questionnaire-based surveys
(6) Payment for business activities and credit/debt management
(7) Other management and work required for pursuit of business activities
(8) We may statistically process and use personal information obtained. In this case, the information to be used does not include any information that identifies the individual.
(9) We may provide personal information including name, address, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address and information on business with the customer, to group and/or affiliated companies, in writing, by telephone, facsimile, post, or e-mail and other electronic means. However, we will not do so if requested to stop by the customer.
2) Disclosure/provision to third parties
We will not disclose or provide personal information to a third party without consent of the individual, except to those parties described in Purpose of Use (9). This does not apply in the cases below.
(1) In the case of work being contracted out, within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
(2) In the case of disclosure being necessary for the protection of life, body, or asset, and obtaining consent of the individual is difficult
(3) In the case of personal information disclosure being required by law
(4) In the case of stipulation in law
3) Safety control
As security measures, we set in-house regulation to prevent misplacement, loss, tampering, leakage, etc., and set a person responsible for each division to handle personal information and perform due operations according to in-house regulations. At the same time, to protect personal information, we educate employees and supervise companies to which personal information is entrusted.
4) Inquiries, amendments
For inquiries about notification, disclosure, etc., of purpose of use of personal data, please click here.Please be aware that we may not respond to requests including disclosure of personal information in any other way.
ยท For our policy on the handling of personal information on this website, please click here.

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On This Website, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) communication is applied to the personal information including credit card information entered by customers when it is sent to This Website, the information is encrypted and exchanged. In the unlikely event that data is intercepted by an external third party(s), please do not worry about your valuable personal information being stolen.
*The URL of the page using SSL communication begins with "https: //" and the key mark is displayed on the screen.
Credit card authentication
When registering a credit card as a settlement method, by inputting a security code in addition to a credit card number and an expiration date, it is possible to increase the accuracy of a card being of the person himself / herself and prevent the unauthorized use by a third party (impersonation).
Please make sure to enter the security code when you register your credit card in the settlement method on This Website.
What is a security code?
The security code is a 3-digit number printed on the card separately from the credit card number.
By entering the security code that only the person with the card knows, the security when using the credit card improves.
*Depending on the credit card company, the security code may not be printed.
*Please note that the security code is not a credit card PIN.

3D Secure

What is the 3D Secure?
At the Mobility Station, in order for you to enjoy online shopping without worries, we have introduced the personal authentication service "3D Secure".
"3D Secure" is an "identity authentication service" aiming at the maximum prevention of unauthorized use by a third party (impersonation) at the time of credit card settlement on the Internet.
It is a mechanism that you cannot use the card settlement unless you input the password when using the card if you register in advance on the website of the card issuing company that you subscribe and acquire the password,.
For the details of service contents and the demo screen, please refer to the following link.
*Demo screen is different from actual one at the time of use.
Ticket purchase flow when using the 3D Secure
*The 3D Secure is compatible only with the personal computer.
*The 3D Secure authentication screen and input items are different depending on the card issuing company you contracted.
*When access concentrates, it may not apply for the convenience of system processing.
*In the following cases, the 3D Secure authentication screen may not be displayed correctly.
- When software for erasing pop-up screen (advertisement etc.) is installed.
- When the security level of the security software is set to "high".
- When cookie setting is not in the "valid" state.
How to use 3D Secure
When using the 3D Secure, registration with a card issuing company (brand) is required before ticket purchase.
Registration can be done on the website of each card issuing company (brand).
*By clicking the logo of each card (brand), you can check the list of the corresponding card issuing companies.

*The 3D Secure identity authentication screen and input items are different depending on the card issuing company (brand).
*Depending on the card issuing company, the 3D Secure may not apply.
*Although you can purchase tickets even if you have a 3D Secure corresponding card and you have not registered to the 3D Secure, we recommend you to register for the safe purchase.

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